Analysis from Re/Make

In 2019, Gap Inc. had the widest CEO-to-worker pay gap of any S&P 500 company. Even during the pandemic, GAP has remained one of the most lucrative brands on earth, but it continues to shirk its responsibility to its most vulnerable, and arguably, its most important employees — the garment workers in its supply chains, who do not even earn a living wage. Additionally, GAP continues to produce an obscene amount of clothing every year, despite the fact that we are in a climate crisis and the fashion industry already operates well beyond its planetary boundaries.

Total Score (100): 40
Transparency & Traceability (out of 14): 10
Maker Well-Being (out of 33): 10
Environmental Sustainability (out of 31): 17
Sustainable Raw Materials (out of 14): 2
Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion (out of 8): 1