Analysis from Re/Make

Activewear giant Gymshark is one of the fastest growing comapnies in the world thanks, in part, to its affordability and its popularity amongst celebrity trainers, famous athletes and fitness influencers. Given its cult status in the health and wellness space, it is diappointing to see that Gymshark is not currently prioritising the health and wellness of our planet or of the people along its supply chains. We would love to see Gymshark publicly share information about the actual conditions within its factories, as well as give a substantial action plan outlining exactly how the brand will meet its broad social and environmental goals.

Total Score (100): 13
Transparency & Traceability (out of 14): 0
Maker Well-Being (out of 33): 3
Environmental Sustainability (out of 31): 1
Sustainable Raw Materials (out of 14): 8
Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion (out of 8): 1